Project Hiraeth

The first live recorded, produced, and adaptive video game music license.

In 2018, game audio mastermind Guy Whitmore and I came up with a plan to make high quality, adaptive, live recorded video game scores available to indie games at any level of funding. Project Hiraeth is the result.

A tour-de-force of modern day production, integration, orchestration, and composition - Hiraeth is ready to plug into your project in under a week.


A full score. In your project. This week.

This is a game-changer.

Massive Sound

We recorded 90 minutes of original music with a 40 piece live orchestra made up of the best musicians around. Then we spent three months mixing, mastering, and producing it to the absolute highest professional standard we could.

Sound Mixing
Hands on Computer Keyboard

Flawless Integration

With ten different music environments, each with numerous levels of intensity, drama, and subtlety, Hiraeth doesn't just work, it responds intuitively to your game's nuances. 

Oh, and tell your music integration team to grab some coffee, because we've done the work. Our score is completely functional in Wwise, out of the box, and comes with a complete set of plug and play Unreal Scripts.

Uncompromising Support

Most composers deliver WAV files. Some will give you stems. If you're lucky, maybe it's in Wwise.

But we're not most composers.

No matter what, we're with you all the way down the production pipeline, to help you get your score working flawlessly.  

Still unsure where to go? Let us know, and we will personally integrate Hiraeth into your game, with an optional in person review.

Musician Playing Chello

Welcome to your soundtrack.

A masterclass in adaptive audio design.

Hiraeth is an epic, drama centered score. It uses common themes and motifs throughout to create a unifying musical experience, just like your favorite movie scores. 

Hiraeth comes out of the box with the following music environments:

  • Environment 1 - The Gorgeous Over-World

Enigmatic exploration music that evolves with a customizable level of silence throughout. 

Fully orchestral beauty cues seamlessly evolve from the score in key moments.

  • Environment 2 - The Mysterious Wood

A surreal harp and otherworldly winds bring a subtle uneasiness to nighttime exploration.

  • Environment 3 - The Dark Underworld

An eerie choir, distorted brass, and mangled strings give a visceral and terrifying underscore to your most evil setting.

  • Environment 4 - The War-Torn Landscape

A solo trumpeter plays mournful laments over a dark string bed, hinting at the forlorn past of a tormented land.

  • Dramatic 1 - Dark Machinations*

When malicious forces make their play, twisted percussion and chaotic horns set the perfect tone.

  • Dramatic 2 - Rally the Troops*

Stabbing brass, booming percussion, and driving strings are the perfect fit when the hero rises to strike down his nemesis.

  • Combat 1 - Bring the Mountain Down*

When swords are crossed, these pulsing violas pair with visceral synths, risers, and chugging basses to make sure that blood flows from the wicked. This is battle music for when the thick of the fight is under way.

Transitions in under a second to in-game cinematics, with three different cues for emotional, tense, or violent scenes.

  • Combat 2 - Men of Iron*  

More subtle than Combat 1, but still with a hefty punch, this music is the perfect fit when a single warrior fights alone against all odds.

Transitions in under a second to in-game cinematics, with three different cues for emotional, tense, or violent scenes.

Pairs seamlessly with Dramatic 2.

  • Menu Music - The Hero's Rest

The hero journeys through a gentle island in the mist, where he searches for deep secrets of a forgotten past. 

Players spend a vast majority of their time in menus, which is why this segment was among our highest priorities.

  • Main Theme - Overture to Hiraeth

The cornerstone of the entire score - no expense was spared. World class performances by elite soloists and a master sound engineer are only a few of the secrets hidden in the theme.

*Contains multiple intensity levels, each with its own independent variations.


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